Making Small Interior Design Changes
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Making Small Interior Design Changes

Sometimes when people think about transforming the interior design of their home, they think about large, sweeping changes like furniture, paint, and flooring. However, some home design challenges are all about making small, calculated decisions. For example, a simple white orchid might make your entryway look more distinguished, and a nice area rug might help your sofa to stand out. My blog is dedicated to interior design, so that you can make decisions that work well for your lifestyle. Check out these tips for ways to make your home truly unique. You never know, it might help you to make your home more welcoming.


Making Small Interior Design Changes

How To Use The Characteristics Of Western Décor Without Sacrificing Your Modern Look And Feel

Katherine Gray

Many people enjoy rustic, western décor, but not everybody is ready to go "all in" on a country western aesthetic. That's fine. You can still maintain your modern sensibilities while incorporating some western décor to give it more character. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Understand the Characteristics of Western Décor

Understanding the underlying characteristics that define western décor can help you pick and choose the elements that appeal to you most. You may find out that there's a lot more to western décor than you originally thought.

Cowboy and ranch aesthetics – One of the first things that people think about is the cowboy. When they think about the cowboy, they think about the ranch. These things evoke leather, hide, and metal accents.

You can easily translate that to a leather or suede sofa. Or you can place a few faux-hide pillows on your living room sofa. Maybe you can place a single leather and suede, western-style chair somewhere for impact or contrast.

Earth tones and warm colors – Western décor typically incorporates warm earth colors. These include browns, reds, orange, and tans. Incorporating darker whites into those colors work as well (think cowhide). You can use an earth color scheme, or just employ it in small touches.

For example, try using these colors for your curtains, or with a rug. They can give your space a western touch without you having to turn that space into a full rustic scene.

Wood and wooden structures – Warm earth colors also bring up ideas of wood furnishings. Western décor is all about wood. That's why it lends itself so well to other types of rustic dwellings, such as log cabins.

You can use wood in various ways. A single wooden cabinet, chest, or buffet can add that rustic quality to a space. In the bedroom, a wooden bed, or even just a carved wooden headboard can transform the room. Especially if the bed is adorned with pillows, blankets, and sheets that contain other characteristics of western décor.

Patterns and ethnic touches – Cowboy culture isn't the only characteristic of western décor. Keep in mind that the west consisted of people from various cultures who traded and shared ideas. Many patterns that people associate with western décor are really Mexican, Native American, or even Asian in origin.

That means you have a lot of options when it comes to patterns and designs. As long as the pattern adheres to a largely western color scheme, it will likely work for you. Western patterns work best when used as rugs, bedding, pillows, and other auxiliary pieces.  

Choose the Elements that Complement Your Space

From these characteristics, you can create as little or as much of western feel as you would like. Using these characteristics, you can also find the smaller decorative pieces that can add western flavor to your space as well.

It's certainly possible to use western décor as a way to make your modern aesthetic set itself apart from the rest. A good way to do it is to start small. Pick a few items with a western sensibility and see how they interact with your current setup. Contact a provider of decor, like Larco Corp, for more ideas.