Making Small Interior Design Changes
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Making Small Interior Design Changes

Sometimes when people think about transforming the interior design of their home, they think about large, sweeping changes like furniture, paint, and flooring. However, some home design challenges are all about making small, calculated decisions. For example, a simple white orchid might make your entryway look more distinguished, and a nice area rug might help your sofa to stand out. My blog is dedicated to interior design, so that you can make decisions that work well for your lifestyle. Check out these tips for ways to make your home truly unique. You never know, it might help you to make your home more welcoming.


Making Small Interior Design Changes

4 Fun Ways Transform Your Daughter's Personal Bathroom

Katherine Gray

Does your daughter have her own bathroom that connects to her bedroom? If the bathroom hasn't been updated since you first moved into the property, you may be interested in completing a full and exciting transformation that will leave her with a beautiful, luxurious bathroom. There are several fun ways to make this transformation happen.

Use Glitter Wall Paint

There is nothing wrong with using traditional paint colors on the walls, but you may want to make the walls of your daughter's bathroom look brighter and more exciting. If you want the walls to sparkle like her personality, consider painting over the current color with a beautiful glitter-style wall paint. Some of the leading paint brands offer glitter paint in many colors, including shades of purple, silver, gold, and even pink.

Frame the Mirror

If there is already a mirror on the wall, you don't necessarily need to replace it. In fact, you can add your own frame to it to make it stand out a bit more in the bathroom. Measure both the height and width of the mirror and then search for a frame with the same measurements. Before screwing the frame onto the wall directly around the mirror, make sure you paint it with a color that is going to match perfectly with the glitter wall paint you've selected. Once you've painted the frame, you can carefully install it by screwing it right into the wall.

Get Countertops For the Bathroom Sink

Add instant appeal with fancy and elegant countertops. There are many styles that will look great inside a sparkling bathroom. The bathroom remodeling experts may be able to help you pick the right countertops for the bathroom sink based on the style and material you personally prefer. Some of the different materials available include granite, marble, tile, and even concrete. Marble and granite options are often more expensive, but that's because they have such a unique appearance to them and they easily add a touch of class to the bathroom.

Don't Forget Matching Accessories

After making some of these major changes, you can finish the look of your daughter's bathroom by adding a few accessories to the room, such as a small rug, a toilet cover, and even a decorative shower curtain. It shouldn't be too hard to find accessories that match the paint color you've selected, especially if you're looking online for the right items to use in the bathroom.

If you'd like to redo your daughter's bathroom to make sure it's bright, sparkly, and kid-friendly, there are plenty of changes you can make. Consider using glitter paint for the walls, adding a frame to the mirror on the wall, selecting new countertops for the bathroom sink, and even adding some matching accessories to the bathroom to complete the new look. You can also contact companies like DC Interiors & Renovations for more information.